why divorce rate keep increasing in hk?

marriage cannot satisfy their expectation??

economics issues? or a demestic violence/abuse??

HK women nowadays cannot fulfill HK men traditional thinking??

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  • 1 十年前

    In the olden days women financially depended on men, and divorced women were being discriminated by the society. So many women prefered to suffer her old life in a bad marriage instead of getting a divorced.

    Now women has a higher profile in the society, financial indepent. Of course marriage expectation is higher. And because divorced women are more popular than before, clever women will not stuck in a bad marriage. Because women can look after themselves, men don't have the responsibility to take care of a woman or family for life if they are not satisfy with their wife.

    Honesty, divorce rate is much higher now, but it does not mean the husband and wife relationship are worse than before. It is like comparing orange and apple, 2 different things.