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758天與時並進:DEFIANT TO THE END 標題怎譯?及聞中問字解?

Top 高層 government official 政府官員 Mike Rowse has vowed 鄭重宣言 to fight the government to the end (to the end 怎解怎用?adverb phase?) to clear 離掉 his name after he was fined 被罰 $160,000 for misconduct 不規矩 over 在...上 his handling of the Harbour Fest fiasco (fiasco 怎解?). Rowse has just lost a lengthy 冗長的 appeal 上訴 against 反對 the ruling 判決, but he’s insisting 堅持 he’s innocent 無罪的 and could seek 尋求 a judicial review 司法覆核.

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  • Eric
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    1 十年前

    Defiant是動詞defy(反抗)的形容詞,Defiant to the end即死不認錯,抗爭到底。


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  • DEFIANT TO THE END:sry。。。唔識解。。。

    to the end 解做 「到最後」,應該係 adverb phrase


    *我認為將 misconduct 解做「處理不當」會好D。

    資料來源: google words translator, http://www.answers.com
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