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橡膠人 發問於 娛樂及音樂電影 · 1 十年前

THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION 月黑高飛 劇中的一首義大利歌曲!! 10分


分數可以再加 thanks~

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  • hl_so
    Lv 6
    1 十年前

    To paraphrase Wikipedia:

    The music that Andy plays over the prison loudspeaker is the duettino "Che soave zeffiretto" sung by Maria Callas from Mozart's opera "Marriage of Figaro". The recording used in the film was conducted by Karl Böhm.

    More tidbits from me:

    "Che soave zeffiretto" roughly translate to "What a gentle breeze". It is a duet sung by Susanna and the Countess in Act Three.

    You can download the same duet from a different performance here:

    By the way, this is one of all-time-favourite-movies of mine, and this was a great scene. For those who love this movie as much as I do, here's a script of that scene to put your mind back to Shawshank prison:

    Andy wrestles the phonograph player onto the guards' desk,

    sweeping things onto the floor in his haste. He plugs the

    machine in. A red light warms up. The platter starts spinning.

    He slides the Mozart album from its sleeve, lays it on the

    platter, and lowers the tone arm to his favorite cut. The

    needle HISSES in the groove...and the MUSIC begins, lilting

    and gorgeous. Andy sinks into Wiley's chair, overcome by its

    beauty. It is "Deutino: Che soave zeffiretto," a duet sung by

    Susanna and the Contessa.

    Wiley pauses reading, puzzled. He thinks he hears music.


    Andy? You hear that?

    Andy shoots a look at the bathroom...and smiles. Go for broke.

    He lunges to his feet and barricades the front door, then the

    bathroom. He returns to the desk and positions the P.A.

    microphone. He works up his courage, then flicks all the

    toggles to "on." A SQUEAL OF FEEDBACK echoes briefly...

    ...and the Mozart is suddenly broadcast all over the prison.

    Wiley lunges to his feet, pants tangling around his ankles.

    Cons all over the prison stop whatever they're doing, freezing

    in mid-step to listen, gazing up at the speakers.

  • 1 十年前

    che soave zeffiretto sung by Maria Callas from Mozart's Marriage of Figaro