Apology letter sample (In English)

I am urgently request the sample of apology letter.

The detail is about the wrong quotation (logistics) which missed to calculate one more trip

Many thanks!!

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    Dear Mr.xxxx/Ms XXXX ,

    I refer to my fax/letter of 25th Jan., 2007 regarding our Quotation No.XXXX .

    After checking up, I found that the charges for one more trip invloved in logistic was missed in calculation . Enclosed please find a copy of our revised quotation . As a gesture of goodwill, an additional discount of XX % on the above quotation is offered to you .

    I am very sorry for such a careless mistake and the inconvience so caused, and I assure you that we shall do all we are able to prevent such a situation from occurring in the future .

    I hope that this arrangement is acceptable to you, and I look forward to continuing our business relationship .

    Yours sincerely

    Peter Wong

    Marketing Manager

    Hope this helps you !

    2007-01-26 23:53:14 補充:

    Sorry for the typing mistakes : invloved -----> involved logistic----->logistics

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  • 1 十年前

    We refer to our quotation ref ............ dated ............regarding (the content).........

    We apologise for any inconvenience in due caused.

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