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May I know...

Do all universities in the USA require the A-Level results of Hong Kong students when they consider their applications?

Or will our Form six school academic results plus the HKCEE results do as well? Since we have to spend one more year in our F.7 while that of America is only up to year12, i.e. our F.6, before we are enrolled into universities.

Thus, is it possible for we to enter the universities in the States after we've finished our F.6 here in HK?

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  • 1 十年前

    The answer is yes.

    I was in a similar situation to you. I left for college in the US after my F6. Thus, you need to provide your CE results, F6 transcripts (report cards as we call them in HK), teacher's recommendations, and plus you will have to take SAT and TOEFL. SAT is bascially their main thing here. If you really want to come here after F6, spend sometime studying SAT and do well in it (the english verbla part esp) and we can aim to get a full score in the math part.

    I also know some people that has come after completing F7... but you are right, you will be spending 1 more year in college. However, you can make up your time by studying during summer semesters or taking more credits during normal academic year.

    So it's do-able. If you decide to go after F6, start now by preparing your SATs and start networking with your teacher and see who will be able to write you a good recommendation letter la.

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