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幫幫我解做中文"我文盲thx~Pride and Prejudice Longbourn.The parents' characters are greatly contrasted: Mr Bennet being a wise and witty gentleman;while Mrs Bennet is permanently distracted by the issue of marrying off her daughters at any cost. The reason for Mrs Bennet's obsession is that their estate will pass by law after Mr Bennet's death to his closest blood relative: his cousin, the Reverend William Collins. 識英文就幫幫我la~thx


Austen's tale is spurred on by the arrival of the young and wealthy bachelor Charles Bingley and his friend Fitzwilliam Darcy.識英文就幫幫我la~thx

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It is the story of the various affections, affectations and engagement shenanigans that develop due to Mrs Bennet's relentless matchmaking and the dashing Darcy's tempestuous relationship with Elizabeth Bennet who Jane Austen claimed was favourite amongst her literary offspring.識英文就幫幫我la~thx

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    父母的性格大相徑廷:mr bennet (父親) 是一個有智慧及風趣的伸士;而mrs bennet (母親)是一個被"無論以任何代價也要把女兒嫁出"一事影響的人。mrs bennet 會有這擺脫不了的想法的原因是,當mr bennet升天,基於法條規定,他們的物業會轉到mr bennet的最親的(男性)血親"尊敬的"william collins名下。


    作者(austen)奧斯汀的故事由於年青及富有的單身男子charles bingley及他的朋友fitzsilliam darcy的到來前進着....

    它是一個關於各種假裝,由於mrs bennet的不斷作媒而做成的婚約詐欺,及瀟灑的dacry與elizableth bennet的有如暴風般的關係。(珍.奧斯汀指出elizableth bennet是其筆下最喜愛的人物。)

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    自豪感和偏見Longbourn.父母 字符很大地被對比: Bennet 先生是一個明智和機智的男孩 ; 夫人Bennet 由結婚的問題永久地分散她的女兒在任一費用。Bennet's 夫人積念的原因是, 他們的莊園通過將法律在Bennet's 先生死亡以後對他最接近的血液親戚: 他的表兄弟, 牧師的威廉Collins 。