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tennis top spin forehand

how to play strong top spin forehand, tks for advice!

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    最愛解答 you ask this question,

    sorry i'd assume you are not an advanced player/knowin' anything 'bout this

    the important changes from the traditional forehand (which is relatively flatter...) are the open stance & the semi-western grip

    actually i'd advise you to use open stance for every shot for better court coverage...(except backhand)

    square(traditional) stance:

    havin' most of your weight on the back foot

    then transfer it onto the left

    & that your body are parallel to the sideline

    (swing path will be in linear)

    Open stance:

    your body facin' the net

    & have most of your weight on the right foot

    (swing path will be kinda circular)

    You should also change your grip from Eastern grip(which is the index knuckle on the 3rd barrel--the longer flat side which has the strings lyin' on the same plane)

    to Semi-Western(a barrel clockwise)

    you may wonder why not western

    it's because the more "western" your grip is...

    you will have a weaker net game & be killed by low shots

    thus you will be forced to play on the baseline only

    (therefore you will see Nadal is sufferin' from those shots)

    & this point leads to the specification of Semi-western grip you should use

    there are 3 type of semi-western grip--mild/moderate/extreme

    you should take the mild one which you will still rest the bottom of your palm on the 3rd barrel



    otherwise it's too difficult for you to strike right timing & change the whole swing path

    then you can try the followin' method to combine to things above together

    Stand against the wall with your toes touchin' it

    try to hold sth flat as the racquet in semi-western grip

    (this is important to understand the angle)

    bend your knees & coil & turn your body as usual without movin' the feet

    then try to brush up the "racquet" from low to high 'til you touch the wall

    (when you uncoil the body...try to open up your shoulders & move the left shoulder which will then lead the right one to travel in circular momentum to avoid usin' own muscle force to the ball/lead to tennis elbow)

    after that, your left palm should be at waist/arm level as the endin' point of the follow-through rather than around the opposite shoulder

    your right hand should be wipin' against the wall toward the left in the "windshield" motion

    (holdin' a flat object will let you know the racquet face angle better & it's not flat like the wall & knowin' the contact is farther front of your hip a bit)

    then your "racquet" should be restin' in the left palm around the waist/arm

    & your body should turned facin' the left side(opposite to the startin' position)

    these all may vary in the real situation that

    you may be brought up in the air at the contact point due to great momentum

    Good luck!

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    for the pros, they have grips much "western" so it's not the best to followbut they adjust grips far's good also to follow them for other shots esp. serve(i got perfect serves after watchin' MaSha's serve)

    2007-01-25 13:21:31 補充:

    MaSha's forehand mainly involves self muscle force- inconsistent shot/leads tennis elbow but her backhand & serve is perfect & fluent

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    there must be many ways to hit Good topspin forehand

    've played a foreigner (italian ??) with a eastern forehand grip. But his spin was so much that i couldn't reach and touch the ball, it just swing out of my way after bounce. His hand did not swing too fast, too rigously. that's the 'Right ' way to play topspin i guess. These days people are making all those crazy swing but the ball doesn't really go so fast, just like a fast moving lob. (frankly, i am one of those)

    Back to your Q, i guess one good way to learn is watch the pros. choose one u like (the form, not the look, or u must be learning from Sharapova :D ) and learn from him/her. of course, i 'd try to learn from Federer this day. Safin is my fav., but his forehand seems lack of topspin sometimes.