URGENT!!!Why vendor selection is so important in Trading Co.

Please urgent advice why vendor selection is so important in Trading Company.

Please also advice what do we need to expect from vendor.


Can you please advice the details explanation?

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  • Vicki
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    Vendor Selection is very important in trading company as buyer/ merchandiser have to provide satisfied goods from supplier to customer at the end of the purchasing.

    To select a suitable vendor we have following consideration:

    . Product quality (whether it meets your required spec. and any cert. to prove the product comply with global safety requirement eg. EN71 cert. for toys ship to EU, RoHS for electronic component)

    . Before and after sales services (quick and accurate response on quotation and responsible for goods replacement for defective goods)

    . Product price (does the total cost meet your target price? product price + transportation fee + docus. fee + cert.....)

    . Qty (supplier can provide the qty as per your requirement? Does the order qty meets supplier MOQ?)

    . Production lead time (can catch your required delivery?)

    . Reliability (company past history)

    You can arrange a site visit/ factory audit for the suitable vendors after selection to check their technology , management and consider if they can fulfill your company development plan.

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    Investing time in supplier selection reduces the risk exposure to the organisation and creates the opportunity to deliver long and short-term efficiencies to the purchasing process and contributes to the overall success of the organisation.

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    Identifying and selecting suppliers to meet the needs of organisation is key to delivering improved commercial and operational performance in your organisation's engagement with prospective suppliers aimed at obtaining answers to the questions and criteria.

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    Vendor selection of course is important for a trading company, as it derives all its trading stock from them.

    What you need to pay attention on are quality of product, price of product, shipping/transport charges, past history of the company, area of service, credit terms, after-sales service etc..