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麻煩幫忙翻譯英文.. {急要} __ l0 分*!



幫忙翻譯英文 -- 如下 :

香港迪士尼樂園後台男更衣室重地,曾經爆出懷疑性騷擾醜聞。四名菲律賓籍演藝人員,更衣時當眾拉扯遮體的毛巾嬉戲,被在場員工以手機偷拍短片,向樂園管理層投訴。迪士尼即時怒炒四人,稱他們做出不雅的親吻、極度色情舉動,對在場員工構成性騷擾。但四人堅稱沒作不軌行為,認為遭無理解僱,將入稟勞資審裁處索償,並要求取回被偷拍片段。 「當時我的三個同事跟我開玩笑,捉住我的手腳,想扯掉我的圍巾」。其中一名被炒員工Andrew憶述,整個過程約數十秒,只是很平常的玩笑,沒料到竟會令他飯碗不保。四人被解僱後,同樣感到不公平,向工會方面求助。高層指短片色情很震驚


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    The swimming booth important place of backstage supporter of Disneyland of Hong Kong, once produced and suspected the sexual harrassment scandal. Four performing art personnel of Philippine, is it hide towel of body play to drag in public when changing one's clothes, taken the short film on the sly by the Israel cell-phones of staff present, complain to the administration and supervision authorities in the paradise. Guide the Buddhist nun of persons and fire four persons angrily immediately, claim they make unsightly kissing, extremely pornographic act, form sexual harrassment to the staff present. But four people claim not to do the behavior against the law firmly, think that is dismissed unreasonably, will enter reporting the claim of judicial organ of the labour and capital, demand to fetch the passage taken on the sly. ' three colleagues of mine at that time joke with me, trick not to catch me, want not tearing not lasting muffler of me '. One of them is fried to the staff Andrew and recalled, the whole course is about several dozen seconds, just very usual joke, it can make his rice bowl not protect unexpectedly that unexpected. After four people are dismissed, feel unfair too, seek help to the trade union. Refer to high level short film the pornographic shock very much

    but, guide the Buddhist nun of persons human resources and serve a director and say while accepting the visit: ' that short film as I see, I feel very shocked! ' he means these behaviors are improper seriously, built ' the hostility environment ', make other staff feel offended, form sexual harrassment. He is it except seeing the short film, investigate to present staff to point out even more. The worker in Disneyland knows the spokesman criticizes: ' guide person Buddhist nun well, willing to show short film, basic method verify pieces of wording department very. Already the accusation seriously, evidence if it is enough, it is for staff will the kind well, not the fair '.