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Your cousin is planning to travel overseas for the first time. Write a letter to him to advise him on what he should do to stay healthy. You can write about what he can do:

-before traveling

-upon arrival

-if he falls sick

Plz give me some suggestions for above three points.

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    Before the trip:

    check weather conditon, ensure you have appropriate clothing (or might catch a cold)

    check if certain vaccination need

    get a first-aid kit with basic medication (e.g. panadol)

    check terms of travel insurance (i.e. see what medical benefits are included)

    Upon arrival:

    prefer bottled / distilled water

    avoid foods from street hawkers / eating too much

    don't be exhausted (i.e. play too much and get tired), MUST get enough REST

    MUST use suntan lotion in a long sunny day

    IF being sick:

    have a rest and take medicine to see first

    see a local doctor if no improvement

    might contact HK insurance agent too if serious and have to go to hospital

    2007-01-23 19:36:15 補充:

    correction --- have a rest and take medicine THAT YOU HAVE to see IF YOU CAN RECOVER first

    2007-01-24 10:16:31 補充:

    correction --- weather CONDITION

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    prepare some medication

    safty (personal belonging, food...)