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如何將 Microsoft Front Page 超連結 連到....

如何將 Microsoft Front Page 檔案中超連結 連到我的另一檔案~?


如:超連結連到C:\\web\\index.htm ,現在 index.htm 調到C:\\project\\web\\




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    1 十年前


    You asked:

    How to change the link in the page in Microsoft FrontPage...

    If you link to the local files, it will not be difficult. You replaced the page to another folder, this make the link to be wrong.

    There are two ways to change the link:

    In design page:

    Select the wrong linked link, and press [Hyperlink] in the tool bar. And change the URL:

    Change [file:\\\C:\web\index.htm]* to [file:\\\C:\project\web\], at last, test the link, if it linked to the page you needed, that the link is right now.

    In HTML:

    Select the HTML tab at left bottom, and find the link which is wrong (Thats <a href="file:///C:/web/index.htm">)*, and type in the right URL ("file:///C:/project/web/"), go back to the design. At last, test the link.

    * The [ / ] in HTML and [ \ ] in design are the same meaning, but do not write them wrong. [ / ] must be used in HTML and [ \ ] must be used in design.

    Why I cannot change the media file WMA?

    WMA is Windows Media Audio file, only play on Windows Media Player, and you cannot change anything on it. If you change its subtitle file name, it will be unable to play.

    If the meaning is not in yours, just ask clearly and I can answer you clearly.

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  • 1 十年前

    Front Page 在左上角 檔案---->開啟網站,

    定義了這個 Web 做你的根目錄網站,


    都在 Front Page 裡的網站進行,



    真係好容易出錯呢 ~~~

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