marketing strategies: what is 4Ps of parknshop and welcome?

what is the 4Ps of supermarkets in HK (eg parknshop, welcome, city'super),

mainly focusing on the wet food (meat, fish, vegetable)?

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    (1). Discount and offer : ParknShop offer 5% and rebate to DBS credit card user, Welcome offer cash rebate for octopus user, CitySuper - CODE card offer 5% discount,

    (2). Occasional Discount at regional branch : some branch offer 10% discount for purchase upto $50 per transaction.

    (3). Gift Redemption : for customer to redeem several kitchen or fitness products when collecting several number of stamps.


    (1). Yellow price discount

    (2). Guarantee low price, whenever customer found price is higher than elsewhere, customer can report to the shop and enjoy the cash difference back.

    (3). Special discount offer for bulk purchase or on second items.


    (1). Standardized quality control

    (2). Return or Refund policy


    (1). Clean, tidy mega shops

    (2). At convenient locations, offer delivery services

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    - Higher than market unless there is some promotion campaign

    - Allow credit card settlement


    - Quality guaranteed

    - Packed date indicated

    - Usually packed

    - Some products are rare products or high priced products


    - Supermarket

    - Clean environment and air-conditioned environment


    - Wearing uniform, masks and hand gloves staff

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    In case you use "PROMOTION" as one of the 4P.Promotion- promotion information contains in supermarket poster- Tv promotion