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  • 1 十年前

    The smoker smokes a cigarette every time, the deleterious substance then accumulates along with it in the body, although they have filter ju the protection, but only can decrease the tar the component, other deleterious substances still could injure him, furthermore, other did not smoke the human, the inspiration others blowout smoke, the health also could come under the influence.

    Let us analyze the smoke the essential component:


    the Nicotine smoke Nicotine very quick then can by the blood circulation absorption, the belt arrive the brain, makes the smoker:

    The nerve receives the stimulation, causes smoking to become addicted.

    The adrenal gland secretion adrenalin, enhances the blood pressure, causes the palpitation acceleration. Thus the heart burden aggravates, accelerates heart disease formation.

    The adrenalin makes in the blood the fatty acid rise, increase blood stickiness, causes the blood clot, blocks the blood vessel.

    The gastric juice secretion reduces, but the stomach department activity increases, possibly causes the gastric ulcer.

    The tar

    includes the carcinogen to be able to cause the lung cancer. And hinders the lung air bubble and the trachea cilium activity, decreases the trachea and the lungs function, causes bronchitis and the pulmonary emphysema.

    The carbon monoxide

    destruction body oxygen absorption and causes the transportation oxygen to suffer the hindrance.

    Other carcinogen

    other careinogen mass energy causes many kinds of cancers.



    Smoking the influence feminine smoker has

    29% opportunity to the baby to miscarry, compares the non-smoking public figure to outdo ten times.

    Smoking will be able to decrease the transportation blood of and the oxygen share to the embryo, embryo's respiratory activity reduces speed one of three minutes.

    The baby died suddenly sickness

    - slurps 20 cigarette following mother to enhance risk 20% every day.

    - Will slurp 20 cigarette above mother to enhance risk 35% every day.

    The premature delivery

    - big opportunity pre-natal bleeds premature or late.

    The number of pounds insufficient

    - oxygen share transportation hinders the embryo normal growth insufficient, when the baby birth compares its companion light 200 grams, short 1.3 centimeters, and forehead foot 吋 small.

    The physical ability development

    - breath gets sick (tracheitis and pneumonia) the prevalence rate outdoes 2 times.

    - Baby's teething is late.

    - Prevalence rate of the vision question outdoes 2 times.

    Intelligence development

    - reading and the arithmetic study progress is slow three to five months.


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  • alex
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    1 十年前

    Smoking is no good.

    very very bad.


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  • 1 十年前

    xi yan

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