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kkap 發問於 汽車及交通飛機 · 1 十年前

Why CX buy 2nd hand SIA stuff

Why would CX (and KA) always buy second-hand aircrafts (CX: A340-313X; KA: 744 BCF) which Singapore Airlines disposed of? Does that make Cathay a lower-class airline? Or is it an illusion that top carriers only use 1st hand aircraft, direct from factory/via leasing companys?

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  • Walter
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    I think the aircraft which they use doesnt make the airlines better or worse... Is the safety and the quality of services which make the difference...

    Regarding to those ex-Singapore Airlines A340-300X, they have only operated with Singapore Airlines for a very short period of time (and some even been sold onwards before being deliveried to Singapore Airlines...)... So when Cathay Pacific got those ex-Singapore Airlines A340-300X, they were still a relatively new aircraft...

    And recently, Cathay Pacific have taken delivery of some ex-Singapore Airlines B747-400... This is because Cathay Pacific have had a shortage of aircraft so they have bought some ex-Singapore Airlines B747-400 to ease their shortage... At the same time, Cathay Pacific have ordered some new B777-300ER for replacement to the older A340-300 and B747-400...

    For B747-400BCF, as both DragonAir and Cathay Pacific have been working on expending their cargo operation which have receive huge growth and demand... So for DragonAir and Cathay Pacific, B747-400BCF would be a way to ease their shortage on their cargo fleet...

    Comparing to order new aircraft, buying in second-hand for convertions and operations is a much quicker way in order for airlines to grow as it could take more than 3~4years for new aircraft to arrive once you order them... So in the short-term, getting second-hand aircraft could means you will receive them within 1~2years time which would be a good source for airlines to increase their capacity to cope with raising demand rapidly...

    The major reason why Cathay Pacific have recently bought in some many second-hand aircraft could have something to do with the unexpected growth after SARS in 2003 and also the Economic down turn during 1997~2000... So for Cathay Pacific, it has been a rather bad few years that they have had... So with the economy picking up again and passenger number raise rapidly, Cathay Pacific had to act quick in order to keep its market position... In order to do so, Cathay Pacific need to get aircraft quick which second hand aircraft is the quickest way...

    As the growth continue and Economic getting huge growth in Asia... Cathay Pacific have ordered new aircraft for expandion of fleet B777-300ER and also B747-400ERF to cope with the huge growth in cargo demand...

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  • 1 十年前

    I think that is because Singapore Airlines' maintainance is extremely good. You know that SIA is famous because of its maintainance too. CPA and Drangonair don't want to get risk of failures.

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  • 1 十年前

    如是 作貨機用途無乜問題

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