Type of Account and Ledger

What is the difference between type of account and ledger


such as: Drawing=? Real/Nominal or personal account

=? Ledger

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    An account is just a summary record of happenings or business transactions of similar nature in a specified format. for example, a purchase account records brief particulars of purchases, and an asset account records brief particulars of an asset owned by the business.

    There may be classified into 2 main types:

    a) Personal accounts is such as debtors accounts & creditors accounts.

    b) Impersonal accounts is involved 'nominal accounts' and 'real accounts'.

    The nominal accounts do not directly reflect the business' assets and liabilities. It is such as income items-sale and commission and etc., expenses items-purchase, salaries and wages and etc.

    The real accounts are those accounts which record assets and liabilities, such as business premises, plant, capital and loans owing.

    Thus, the drawings account is real account.

    A ledger is a collection of accounts in an accounting system, generally in line with the classification of accounts. The main ledgers are Personal ledger and General ledger.

    Personal ledger - containing trade personal accounts. There is divided Debtors ledger and Creditor ledger.

    General ledger - containing all the real account other than trade debtors and creditors, and nominal accounts.

    Conclusion: 各類帳戶(accounts) 組合在分類帳之內。

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    Types of Account roughly separate to Liabilities, Asset and Equity.

    Under Asset, it has ledger named as Cash, Account Receivable etc.

    Under Liabilities, it has ledger named as Accounts Payable etc.

    Under Equipty, it has ledger named as Capital Stock etc.

    Ledger is used as T-account which are required in preparing Trial Balance.

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    Ledger 是總賬而type of accounts是不同類的賬目, Ledger 是包含了所有的會計賬目的.