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海外留學~美國 or canada or aust

我打算到海外升讀大學,但未能決定升學地點, 美國,加拿大,澳洲 .. 邊度好d呢?

可唔可以比較下三個國家ge 1.教育制度 . 2.環境(是否有好的學習環境) 3.學費+生活費 4.當地人ge nice唔 nice 5. 邊度 d 人靚仔 d ga? (唔係最重要) 6.收生標準

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  • 1 十年前

    Below please find a comparison of the three countries:

    1. Education System

    All three countries basically require 4 years of academic study (after high school completion) leading to the award of a bachelor's degree. All of them adopt the unit/credit system for calculating progress of study and for purpose of transfer between universities.

    2. Learning Environment

    All three countries are English speaking, meaning that you will definitely acquire better command of written and spoken English while attending a university of your choice. The institutions in the USA are well known to have a free classroom environment; students do not hesitate raising questions during discussion sessions. It is through these mutual discussion opportunities and challenges that foster teaching and learning interactions between professors and students. No wonder the universities in the US have more Nobel laureates as their professors than universities in any other part of the world.

    3. Universities in Canada and Australia are primarily publicly funded. However, they may charge foreign students tuition fees higher than those for local students. Universities in the US, on the other hand, can be either public or private. A public US university usually charge foreign students higher tuition fees than local students. A private US university, however, usually do not charge different tuition fees to non-local students. As to living expenses, it will usually cost less to live in Australia or Canada compared to the USA, depending on where you stay and on your individual living standard.

    4. The American society is culturally diverse; you will see people of different ethnicities and from different cultural backgrounds. Hence, the general American teacher / student is usually good at dealing with one from another ethnic background. In Canada and in Australia, on the other hand, the societies are primarily Caucasian (white). They are usually very adaptive to students from Asia as well.

    5. If you are more comfortable dealing with people of light skin color, Australia or Canada may be a better choice.

    6. Almost all universities in these countries require the completion of Form Lower Six (12th grade) before admission into the first year of university will be granted. Universities in the province of Ontario in Canada may require the completion of Form Upper Six (13th grade). TOEFL is required for admission into a US or Canadian university. IELTS may be required by an Australian university. SAT or ACT is usually required for application into a university in the USA.

    All in all, it is difficult to say which country will provide a better university education. Decision as to where to go for university studies must be based on many highly individual factors such as intended major of study, availability of funding, current academic results, future career aspirations, and so forth. In general, universities in the US have the highest academic standards when compared to those in Australia and in Canada (based on worldwide research contributions and so forth), although other influencing factors should also be considered.

    資料來源: Personal experiences and observation
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    1 十年前


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    資料來源: 自己