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可唔可以幫我寫成英文ar?thank u!!!












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  • 1 十年前

    Good communication is needed between staffs

    Please answer and explain clearly to the customers if they ask about the porblem of the replacement of rubbish bins.

    The fire station suggested setting up two extra places for mustering, the issue will be thought over and discussed again later.

    There are not too many people participating in the fire maneuver.

    Need to incerease the number of walkie-talkies.

    Need to find out why the fire alarm functios wrongly and what is the present situation.

    The rear staircase becomes very smoky due to smoking, we have already applied to the Tobacco Control Office for a poster smoking-banning notice. Now we would make some notices on smoking-banning and stick them at the rear staircase.

    You need to ask Kelvin about the buying of ladder.

    The paper towel is replaced only when one inch of it is left over.

    The problem concerning the air conditioners has to be discussed later as we are still waiting for the offered price.

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    Between the staff and the staff needs mutually to link up If some visitors inquire about the related replacement of rubbish bins please clearly explain the question to the visitor The fire department suggested additionally builds two assemblypoints, the related item must again make the consideration The fire-alarm exercises the participation population not to bemany Needs to increase the intercom quantity Must understand how the alarm bell does call the reason andpresent situation by mistake Because after smokes makes the ladder not to be extremelyclean, already to ' ' Controls smoke ' ' Appliesfor ' ' Endures smoke bulletin ' ' Now we meetself-made some to endure the smoke to consider Shows pastes Yu Hout'i Related purchases the Lu ladder matters concerned, must againask kevin The restroom wipes the toilet tissue most to use to one 吋only then to be possible to renew The related air conditioning question, needs to wait for thequoted price