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What is C.O.D & C.A.D?

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    C.O.D. = Cash On Delivery (payment term)

    Buyer pay for invoice amount by cash to seller immediately upon receipt of goods.

    C.A.D. = Cash Against Documents (foreight trade payment term)

    Buyer pay for invoice amount by cash to their banker for obtaining import shipping documents. Then the buyer surrender their shipping documents to freight fowarder/shipping company to exchange the goods.

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    資料來源: 商業書
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    Cash on delivery or COD is a financial transaction where the payment of products and/or services received is done at the time of actual delivery rather than paid for in advance. The term is mainly applied to products purchased from a third party, as the normal Western convention for services is that payment is not made until the services have been performed.

    The concept of cash in this case is often blurred, because most companies also accept cheque, credit cards or debit cards.