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Make a speech

Make a speech explaining why you think your school deserves the award.

The issue is " Why my school deserves to win the ' Outstandind School of the Year ' award ". You should give three reason to the issue. Write about 250 words.

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    Point1: Highly qualified teachers in all subjects

    Point2: Value the importance of respect and individual development

    (eg: providing diversified activities ranging from calligraphy to track and field training) (Growing to be a respectable person regardless of age)(welfare)

    Point3: Attain the best examination results in the district

    Our school certainly deserves the winning of the 'Outstanding School of the Year' Award. We not only have 55 years(自己改,你的学校已经多少年) of history, but also the best in teaching methods, developmental strategies and the most important of all - love.

    In providing pupils with the best resources and highly qualified teachers, we, as pupils, advance academically and individually with steadiness. (55)

    Teachers are supportive and focus on our welfare in many ways. When we are feeling blue or depressed, they always cheer us up by cracking a joke as well as talking us through the matter. When we make no progress in class, teachers will come and explain in details, ensuring we will not fall behind.

    As a versatile school, we also provide diversified programs for pupils to involve, choices ranging from Chinese calligraphy to track and field training. It satisfies every pupils' need, and help pupils to develop individually and distinctively. In addition, pupils learn to respect others, be submissive and deliberate.

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    In addition, our school has attained the best overall examination results in the xxx(eg: Kwai Chung) district / area, which certifies that our school has achieved the main goal - the academic development of pupils. We should attribute it to the effort teachers have put in.

    2007-01-15 11:49:33 補充:

    Instead of telling us to recite every detail in the subjects, teachers have taught us to think logically and systematically, hence to solve problems and cast doubts in a similar manner.

    2007-01-15 11:50:01 補充:

    //This award affirms the endeavours our school has carried out; however, it is only a materialised reward for the school. The real reward comes from the achievement of pupils, and the precious memories that will live from now 'til forever.

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