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OMG 發問於 汽車及交通飛機 · 1 十年前

Boeing 波音





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  • Walter
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    These projects are known as Boeing Yellowstone project... The project will split the study into 3 types known as Y1/Y2/Y3, and each of these study are aiming to replace certain family or aircraft type which are currently in Boeing production or recently suspended production...

    Y1 is also known as 737RS (Replacement Study)... This is a study looking at a replacement for the current B737NG (New Generation), B717, B757 production... The Y1 project is expected to come up with 1 jet family with 3 different size jet ranging from 120seats to 180seats (2 Class configuration)... The Y1 project aircracft will feature with B787 technology on design and structure as well as a wider cabin... Up until now, Y1 project is still under study and Boeing is hoping to improve efficiency of B737 in the short-term rather than launching the new Y1 project... So up until current time, it is still unclear when the Y1 project will formally launch but study believe that a new short-haul family is not expected to arrive until mid or late 2010's... At the same time, Airbus is studying the possibility of new short-haul jet known as Airbus NSR (New Short-Range aircraft) study which is expected to come into the market by around the same time as Boeing...

    Y2 is a long-haul aircraft which was aiming to replace aircraft of B767 size... And now the Y2 project is the first of the Yellowstone project to become real commercial airliner... The Y2 airliner is now the best seller and well known B787... Y2 study orginally cover the capacity of 200~300 seats... However, with the feedback from airlines, it is rather unclear that if Boeing would stretch the B787 to introduce a new -10 which will have a capacity of 350seats...

    Y3 is a long-haul aircraft study which is aiming to replace the B747 and B777 which are currently in production... And it is also expected to challenge Airbus product A350 as well as A380... And currently there is no further news on the development of the project... Main reason behind this was because of the recently launched B747-8I/8F and B777 has only been in operation for just over 10years... So it is expected that out of the 3 studies that Boeing have been doing known as Y1/Y2/Y3, Y3 will be the last to come into commercial services if it even does... However, looking at the current aviation market, with airlines begin to move their concentration from hub-to-hub operation to point-to-point services, the requirement of Y3 size aircraft will reduce and Y2 (now known as B787) would increase... So it is unclear rather Y3 will come true (as it is easy to spot that majority of B777/B747-8 buyers are cargo operator)... Also, with the recent plan of B787-10 which will have the capacity of 350 seats, it could clearly replace B777-300/300ER if airlines are require to do so (and as Singapore Airlines have done with the order of B787-10 and A350-900)... Because of the recent stretch of B787, it has because uncertain if Y3 will RIP as a paper aircraft that never came true... And that airlines could choose to use B787-10 as a replacement to B777-300 and B747 (just like what many airlines have done by using B777-300ER as a replacement to their B747)...

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