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----------緊急---------問兩個八字 (請不要用電腦算)






1. i don't have sufficent information of the hours....

2. as in partners

3.i don't mind.

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  • 1 十年前

    I can tell you the "6 characters" of the two persons without any delay, just as anybody do when they turn the relevant books. But to answer your concern specifically, i.e. can they be friend, it is essential to supply :

    1. the time of birth of the two persons, up to the hour , so we can know exactly the 八字 (including the last two 字 for the hour)

    2. the definition of "friend". Several items for you to choose : 1. career friend = boss and assistant / colleagues / partner / adviser 2. family relation, e.g. sort of husband and wife relationship (really not an insult) 3. brotherhood?

    3. whether you mind your characters to be published in public (i.e. in this area). If you don't mind, I shall publish it here. If you mind. I can send it to you by e-mail. You know some Chinese value their 八字 as secret

    2007-01-14 14:26:58 補充:

    1993年6月12日 :癸酉 丁巳 甲子 (時柱)1995年5月4日: 乙亥 辛巳 乙未 (時柱)Both of you are 木命. There is no obvious 刑沖. I am quite happy with the match. Both of you are 木 and are born in the season of summer (火) .火生木. So overall, I can't see any obvious hazards in your cooperation.

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