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My daughter is 3. She is active, happy and she could understand and speak English and Cantonese. She is in nursery now (an average one close to my home). Although it is still some time before she could be in Primary school, I want to know more about choosing the right one for her. Any experience sharing please?

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  • Tony
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    1 十年前

    Yes, it is surely a bit too early.

    When you say "the right one", what do you mean? People will choose a famous one (so that the parents have face), or one which has the best academic results (the parents think that the child will then have better academic result). So, find out what you want first.

    I choose one which is government subsidized so that I do not need to pay school fee. Yes, this is one of my criteria because of my situation. And then, one has a open-type education at least until in the first 2 years, so that my son will not have that much burden on studying, and he can have more time to play with his friends. Third, the school in general has good reputation on management.

    If you want your daughter to go into international school, what you need is only money and nothing else.

    If you want your daughter to go into, say, DGS, your husband must have a reputable job and you have to have money as well. Put your daughter into a kindergarten in Kowloon Tong.

    You have to know that the most important thing is who wants to be happy - you or your daughter. Parents always put their children into school to satisfy the parents themselves. Happiness in childhood never comes back.

  • 卡文
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    1 十年前

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