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KAREN 發問於 教育及參考書其他 - 教育 · 1 十年前





若是一個中5學生, 應該由邊度讀起可成為會計師

苦是一個大專生, 又從那裡修讀可成為會計師


Diploma in accounting

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3 個解答

  • 1 十年前

    國際會計師係未係香港唔認可: Please don't waste your time do the the AIA. This is especially for non-accunting background people to study. In addition, since 1st January 2005, most countries in the world is joining the Internation Accounting Standards (IAS). Thus, most definition and standard are going to basic from IAS. Which means all the GAAP and financial statments are much more internationalized understanding and to be consistened.

    若是一個中5學生, 應該由邊度讀起可成為會計師: You can join AAT or ACCA. However, if you wanna to joing ACCA, better join it BY this year. Next year is going to change the policy again, the basic entry requirement might be changed or "degree holder" is the basic. You better check with ACCA first before you join it. The exam and subscription of AAT are cheaper than ACCA. ACCA is basic from GBP currency. If you are non-degree holder, you might need more working experience years' (for HKICPA, degree degree needs three years working experience and non-degree holder is five years working experience).

    苦是一個大專生, 又從那裡修讀可成為會計師: I am not sure what do you mean of 大專生. If a dip holder, you can join ACCA or HKICPA but please don't join AAT. Just wasting your time and money only. You can get some exemption form ACCA if you are a dip/ cert holder, however same as above you better join ACCA by this year. Otherwise, not much exemption as before from next year. For non-degree holder to join HKICPA, you have to do some more courses in HKICPA. For details, please check with HKICPA. After you complete the pre-QP course, you can do the QP course.

    Simply if you are degree holder, you can join HKICPA for the QP directly.

    In addition, to be a qualified/ certified accountant, you have to notice for the following points:

    - Working experience is MUST. How many years? Very depend the accounting body and your education background. For non-degree holder, very difficult to get into Big Four and international firm, usually can work in local firm only. Working in auditing is the best way for your working experience which can learn lots and explore your mind.

    - Fluent language and strong communication skill are MUST (English and Chinese). Beside studying Accounting, have to upgrade your language too.

    - Very sensible, high pressure, long working hours and low salary starting point.

    - After you are a qualified, you need to do future study (CPD = Continue Professional Development) to keep your professional membership. This is a trend for all professional and accounting bodies.

    This is not an easy way to go to be a qualified accountant. Wish you can have strong mind and clear target. Good luck!

    2007-01-13 12:44:44 補充:

    From which institution please?

    2007-01-14 13:16:44 補充:

    If you have IVE qualification, can do a degree/ top up degree. For accounting industry, if you don't do a degree, you will miss lots of things. In addition, this can build up your communication skill.

  • 1 十年前

    good ans.

  • 1 十年前

    try HKU SPACE - diploma course, and then top up to degree

    AC 41-104-00 (62)

    Diploma for Accounting Technicians


    Enquiries: 2867 8469

    Fax: 2858 4750


    Course Start Date: 24 Feb 2007


    CEF Course Code


    Entry Requirements

    Applicants should

    either, have 5 passes in HKCEE in one sitting, including Chinese Language and English Language (Syllabus B), or equivalent;

    or, have successfully completed the Project Yi Jin (毅 進 計 劃) Programme;

    or, be 18 or above with relevant work experience.

    Day(s) / Time

    Weekday evenings and / or weekends.


    Course Fee: Level A and Level B modules: $2,970 per module; Level C modules: $3,380 per module

    Application Fee: $150, non-refundable

    Medium of Instruction

    English supplemented by Cantonese

    Information and Application

    Detailed information and an application form are available:

    in person, at any HKU SPACE Enrolment Centre.

    Closing Date for Application

    15 January 2007

    AC 41-804-00 (63)

    Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting)


    Curtin University of Technology, Australia

    Enquiries: 2867 8482

    Fax: 2858 4750


    Course Start Date: 12 Mar 2007


    CEF Course Code


    Entry Requirements

    Applicants should

    have competence in English, as shown by Grade C in English Language (Syllabus B) in HKCEE, or TOEFL 550, or Grade C in GCE O Level English, or a satisfactory performance in the Curtin University Test in English, or an equivalent test.

    (Holders of Advanced Diploma in Accounting from HKU/SPACE are automatically satisfied the English requirement.)

    Accounting, as shown by a diploma or higher diploma in Accounting from a recognised academic or professional body.

    Day(s) / Time

    Weekly Lectures: 7:00 - 10:00 pm and Intensive Seminars on Saturday/Sunday.


    2 years, part-time


    Course Fee: Unit Fee: AUD$1,250 or $1,200, depending on the unit.

    Application Fee: HK$200, non-refundable

    Medium of Instruction


    Closing Date for Application

    10 Feburary 2007


    http://hkuspace.hku./ hk/index.php