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In order to ascertain the liability to salaries tax of your above-named employee, I should be grateful if you would let me have the following further information and documents:

a) Forward a copy of the employment contract showing the terms of his employment with your compamy (我想答:現公司跟該僱員係冇合約,因為該僱員係總公司直接派落黎的)


b) Forward a detailed breakdown of the remuneration $XXXX showing the dates of payment and the amount paid on each occasion. provide copies of monthly payroll advisory slips in respect of the captioned year.(咁我係唔係做個表俾佢就可以?)

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    a) We do not have a direct contract with the above-named employee, who is assigned to us from our parent company. (佢地可能會要求你提供你地總公司既資料,以便向你地總公司拎份合約)

    b) 佢地想知道個 breakdown.. 例如 100,000 有 80,000 係人工 20,000 係津貼之類咁,同埋你地每次出糧既日期以及佢地所講既年份內所有糧單既 copy

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