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run係咪verb? 係run前面加個to「To run」又係咩意思?


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    "run" is a verb. "run" alone is a bare infinitive; "to run" means the same, and it's a to-infinitive.

    there's no difference between the senses of "run" and "to run", but they are used in slightly different ways:

    run (verb) 跑步

    a. it's so tiring TO RUN under the hot sun. V.S.

    b. he is RUNNING under the hot sun.

    run (verb) 經營

    2. it's complex TO RUN a business. V.S.

    3. he RUNS the family business for his father.

    2007-01-07 12:53:16 補充:

    as you can see "run" alone can serve as a verb, but "to run" cannot; "to run" has to use with ANOTHER VERB, such as "is" in (a) and (2) in my examples.

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    run 係verb

    to run 係 infinitive

    run 可以係 noun

    go to http://hk.dictionary.yahoo.com/search.html?q=1&s=r...

    to see the different uses of RUN

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