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1)Neo他們在Matrix入面身光頸靚,但在real world,他們衣衫殘舊,我想問這表達了什麼?



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    1) 其實在 Matrix 同埋 在 real world, Neo 他們著的衫不同, 我個人認為只是表達出 Reality (in real world) and Dream/Lie (in Matrix) 之不同。(當然,每個人的看法不同,可能未必是這樣解釋)

    或者建議你看看 wikipedia 中,人們的分析:


    Trench coats and sunglasses play a significant role in the Matrix cinematic feel and have largely inspired a similar subculture. This style seems to be generally influenced by the descriptions of characters in 1980s cyberpunk fiction (in which mirrorshaded lenses were an especially prominent icon), and more particularly by the iconic wardrobe of Chow Yun-Fat in John Woo's classic film A Better Tomorrow. Furthermore, it can be noted that in the first matrix film, Smith's sunglasses were rectangular, and Neo's were round. In the second film, Agent Smith's sunglasses were a sort of round shape with more angles, suggesting a strong connection between character and sunglass shape. Viewers know whether a character or situation is being played out within the Matrix if central characters are wearing their characteristically dark clothing, complete with sunglasses of little use in the sunless realm of the real world. Sunglasses are worn whether it is day or night within the Matrix, adding to the sense of detachment from reality, the dark cyber atmosphere, and also the artificial, industrial environment that the characters live in. Symbolically, this may reflect the degree of vulnerability of the characters; many characters (Morpheus, Agent Smith) lose (or even break) their sunglasses during major battles, or discard them: a symbolic disposal of the tough, emotionless image.

    Not all characters within the Matrix wear glasses, but as a general rule, the rebels wear sunglasses with rounded lenses, and adversaries such as Agents wear 'evil-looking' glasses with corners or angles. Notably, Cypher, the rebel who betrays Morpheus to the Agents, wears rectangular sunglasses, thus signifying his role as a "bad guy". Agent Smith's sunglasses change after his transformation in The Matrix Reloaded from the square Agent-style into lenses shaped similarly to the protein capsule of certain viruses. It is also notable that Agent Smith's sunglasses and Neo's look strikingly similar except for the jagged versus curved designs. The sunglasses used in this movie were custom-made on the set, although replicas are widely available. See the article about Agent Smith for the stylistic genealogy of the Agents.

    Generally, secondary characters seem to follow the alternative fashion of the 1990s, particularly the Indie and Rasta subcultures. It should be noted that the Rasta look seems to be very common of the humans in Zion, if we consider the concept of Zion to be part of the Rastafari movement."

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