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wt's mean ''which is which''

wt's mean ''which is which''

仲有呢幾句ge grammar啱唔啱?

1 i still hear many noise.

2 remain slience.

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    ''tell which is which''= 分辨不同的人或事,邊個打邊個。

    Difficult to distinguish colors between red and green with similar intensity (brightness). ... Colorblinds cannot tell which is which. Example 2 :Same color name for different colors -> Fifth and Sixth rows of the above figure. ... - 48k


    還有 tell what is what,類似意思。

    I receive so much mail from you—how can I tell what is what? All membership renewal notices clearly state that they are renewal notices. The one-page letter in renewal notice mailings will only pertain to renewing your membership. ... second=membership&third=faqs - 28k -

    1 i still hear many noise. 錯

    noise = uncountable 數唔到,不可用 MANY

    Should be " I can still hear much noise/lots of noise. "

    I didn't hear much noise cancelling between those earphones and mdrex71sl.I suggest you buy a mdrex71sl. ... Plane noise is reduced to a low hum, but you can still hear conversations, or even a newspaper rustling across the aisle. ... - 12k

    I'm 28, play in a loud rock band and I can still hear the 10kHz just fine. What is going on here? ... lots of sounds going on I hear lots of noise but can't single out any individual sounds so a conversation, for example, is impossible. ... - 414k -

    2 remain slience. 錯

    silence (noun), remain + (silent) adj

    Should be: remain silent.

    Quotation #29375 from Classic Quotes:. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. Abraham Lincoln 16th president of US (1809 - 1865). More quotations on: [Silence]; View a Detailed Biography of ... - 9k -