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London Airport to Birmingham




所以我唸住搭train or coach



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    Depending on which London airport you are flying into...

    For London Heathrow, best way to get to Birmingham for you would be to go by coach as if you use any other form of transport, it would require you to change in Central London... But for coach, there should be direct coach services from London Heathrow to Birmingham... For further coach information, please check on www.nationalexpress. com...

    If you are flying into London Gatwick, best way would be to go by train for you... Since there is no direct coach from Gatwick to Birmingham... However, if you go by train, you will have direct train services run by Virgin Train (Although sometimes you will require a change)... For further train information, please check on uk

    For coach services at London Heathrow, all NationalExpress coach now depart/arrive at Central Bus Station, so when you arrive at the Heathrow and pass custom, just follow the sign to London Underground/Central Bus Station, the walking distance would depence on which Terminal you arrive at as Terminal 1/2 is within 5minutes walk while Terminal 3 is around 10minutes, as you see the London Underground station, there should be a information desk saying NationalExpress, and behind that desk, there would be a few lift taking you to the Central Bus Station... To travel by coach, you can choose either to purchase your ticket online or at the ticket office at Central Bus Station, but I would suggest you to purchase online as then you will be sure you get a seat on that coach... Please leave at around 2hours from the Flight arrival time and the Coach departure time...

    For train services from London Gatwick, the services to Birmingham will be operated by Virgin Train, all train depart at a train station call London Gatwick... For tickets, you can again purchase online when sometimes you would find some pretty bargin ticket, but otherwise, you can always purchase your ticket at the ticket office located at the station itself...

    As the transport at any of those airports listed above to Birmingham is limited... And if you wish to travel by train from London Heathrow to Birmingham, it would require you to first travel on Heathrow Express train into London Paddington Railway Station then connecting a First Great Western Train from Paddington to Birmingham...

    While if you wish to travel by coach from London Gatwick to Birmingham, it would require you to first travel on a NationalExpress servics into London Victoria Coach Station then connecting onto another NationalExpress services to Birmingham...

    But for you, it would be better for you just to take services which are direct so it would be better and less complicated... As I am not sure if you can take the English ways of things, more changes, more chance of things going wrong... But I do understand that the train fare from London Gatwick to Birmingham wouldnt be cheap...

    Hope these helps you... If you have anymore problems regarding to London, I am sure I can help in some way... Since I have already been studying in UK for 8years and been visiting London Heathrow/Gatwick for over 40times...

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    it depends on which london airport will u arrive at. say if u arrive at london heathrow airport, it will be around 15 pounds for coach! u can check from this web site

    Alternatively, u can firstly go from the heathrow airport to Euston by tube (underground), then at Euston tube station, u can walk to the Euston train station. u can see the direction clearly at the station. At Euston train station, u can go to Birmingham directly by train! This method cost you around 16 pounds for the cheapest price.

    In order to get the train ticket at a cheaper price, u can book it in advance from the internet When u book train ticket from this web site, u may also tick the box to buy the underground ticket at the same time.

    PS. underground website:

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    All fares suggested above are for single journey only