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I will study in Sydney, may I have more information or things I need to be prepared well before abord. Since the document and fight tickct have been ready, but I am not sure to buy whats into my luggage. Because there are some necessary materials are very expensive in Australia esp. Sydney

Thanks a lot !!!!!!


Thank you for your answer.

I have passed the English test already. Now I am worry to prepare my luggage well before I aboard, since I have mentioned that there may be some necessary things to buy (very expensive in Aus) . May I know the list of things which I need to prepare before I aboard.

更新 2:

Thanks me!!

什麼形的轉插? 文具是否很貴? internet service 方便? U appartment charge me Aus200 a week, is this a average price?


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  • 1 十年前

    As you are going to study in Sydney, the appartment is AUD$200 per week is very reasonable price. Usually, the uni appartment is more expensive but better management and service. In addition, more safety.

    You no need to bring any beddings or shower stuffs in there. Just bring clothes, shoes, jackets, skin care products, dictionary, notebook, some towels, mirror, stationary, personal medicine and notebook are pretty enough. Others better buy in Sydney. Now, your luggage is very easy to exccess. If you have lots of clothes, you can post them from post office by "ship". Very eco price and about 1-2 months duration. However, if you send any leather stuffs from HK office, the Australian custom will open your pancel for custom checking. Meanwhile, you have to mention "USED" during fill in the declare form in post office.

    You better try the shower and bedding things in Australia and don't buy them in HK. Much more choice and better quality.

    Good luck and enjoy your time in Sydney!

    資料來源: my pervious experience
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    係帶d護膚品,被呀, 枕頭個d,




    唔係電腦, 义電器個d用唔到

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