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想 30/3 由 HK 去 UK,我想問邊間 airline 好?

我想 30/3 夜晚搭機去 UK,15/4 返到 HK,

我想知邊間 airline 好?

criteria:::: 轉機冇所謂,唔想咁貴,service 都冇所謂,因為我上到機都係訓覺,

有冇 D 係加埋稅只係大約 $5000 or below?


應該係話 31/3 凌晨機去 UK...

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  • Walter
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    1 十年前

    30/3 flying to UK and 15/4 back to HK should not be peak season... So I should expect that even non-stop flight should not be too expensive... As the peak is on the opposite direction flying back to HK at around 30/3 for students and back on around 15/4 to UK...

    As flights on these flights at these dates should not be too busy... So I believe there would be some more discount ticket coming up later for non-stop flights... However, as airlines are now concentrating on promoting their tickets during Chinese New Year... So I suppose you may need to wait a little until around early/mid-Febrary for more discount tickets to come out...

    And looking at the price for flying to UK during Christmas... The price vary between HKD3000~4500 (all non-stop flights) excluding tax... And for Cathay Pacific, you can pay an extra HKD1000 for a return trip to many European destinations as well such as Barcelona/Prague/Nice/Rome etc...

    Out of all the non-stop flights, Air New Zealand/Qantas are at the lower end with tickets just over HKD3000 exclude tax while British Airways/Cathay Pacific/Virgin Atlantic are all around HKD4000~4500 exclude tax... When you include the tax, it would be around HKD4500 for Air New Zealand/Qantas and around HKD6000 for British Airways/Cathay Pacific/Virgin Atlantic...

    However, beware that Air New Zealand/Qantas both depart at morning at around 0800am... So you will have to fly on 31/3 morning in this cause... But for Cathay Pacific, you have 4 flights to choose from which depart at around 0800/1200/2300/0100 or British Airways 2300/0100 or Virgin Atlantic at 2330...

    Of course, there is no harm for you to look through airlines promotion now... You can find their promotional price at each of the airlines website on their promotional ticket price to UK...

    For airlines website, they are as follow:

    Air New Zealand: www.airnz.com

    Qantas: www.qantas.com

    Cathay Pacific: www.cathaypacific.com

    British Airways: www.ba.com

    Virgin Atlantic: www.virginatlantic.com

    You can also look at price for some of these in-direct flight which are most popular for passenger between HK and UK... They are as follow:

    Lufthansa: www.lufthansa.com

    Qatar Airways: www.qatarairways.com

    KLM: www.klm.com

    SWISS: www.swiss.com

    Air France: www.airfrance.com

    However, these in-direct flights could be at a similar price as those non-stop flights when a promotional ticket are out from those non-stop carriers for just HKD3000 exclude tax, which is basic same or even cheaper than in-direct flight...

    At the same time, you can try out Oasis Hong Kong if you wish to... But this airlines fly to London Gatwick instead of London Heathrow like the others... However, for transport wise, for us who live in UK, London Gatwick is much better than London Heathrow when you require to travel onward by train/coach... However, I have found that during period when traditional airlines provide promotional tickets, Oasis Hong Kong ticket are not too cheap at all...

    Oasis Hong Kong is only cheap during the period when all the students in UK travel back home...

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    I think oasis hk. but i think oasis is not really good. like the safety, as they are not rich.

    you don't know when will the diseaster coming, so i suggest you to chose the cathay pacific. or if you can chose air new zealand for lower price.

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    You may try Qatar Airways.

    There maybe some promotions for price of $2500 (excluding tax) for roundtrip HK,London.

    You can also choose 希斯路/格域 airport.

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    甘泉航空 ( Oasis ) 應該是最平,是本港第一間廉價航空公司。

    你3/30 晚出發15/4 返到香港,連稅各附加費最平的要HKD 5,913 。

    如果你可以遲兩日返香港,即17/4 返到香港的話,可以平一點,連稅各附加費就是HKD 5,213 。

    最平的方法是29/3 凌晨1:30 出發,17/4 回到香港,那麼連稅和附加費就是HKD 4,513 。