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日前某區議員被判入獄, 法官稱犯事者毫無悔意, 臨崖不勒馬...


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    「臨崖勒馬」的英文可以是:to stop short of a misdeed/ of doing something wrong at the last moment。

    To stop short of something/ of doing something is an idiom meaning to decide against doing a wrong or dangerous action 及時決定不再做錯事或危險事 (Longman Dict. of Contemporary English), 等於中文成語的「臨崖勒馬」。Example : She stopped short of stealing the money when it suddenly came to her mind that this might send her behind bars (當突然想起偷竊可能令她成為階下囚時, 她臨崖勒馬, 免做傻事)。

    “區議員被判入獄, 法官稱犯事者毫無悔意, 臨崖不勒馬” 是 the judge sentenced the district councillor to jail, saying he showed no remorse of what he had done and did not stop short of his crime even at the very last moment.

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    The district Congressman faces precipices without reining in the horse

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