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例如::: a bowl of

a cup of

a package of.............

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  • 1 十年前

    a spoonful of sugar - 一匙糖

    a plate of vegetables - 一碟蔬菜

    a column of smoke - 一條煙柱

    a column of mercury ( in a thermometer ) - ( 溫度計中的 ) 一條水銀柱

    a cloumn of figures - 一列數字

    a slice of cake - 一片西餅

    a slice of bread - 一片麵包

    a herd of sheep - 一群羊

    a range of colour - 一系列的顏色

    a pair of glasses (scissors, spectacles, trousers, pants, pliers)(一副眼鏡,一把剪刀,一副眼鏡,一條褲子,一條褲子,一把剪鉗)等。

    a piece of paper, a piece of information, an article of clothes(一張紙,一條消息,一件衣物)。

    a cup of water, a packet of cigarettes, a basket of vegetables(一杯水,一盒香煙,一籃子蔬菜)。

    an army of elephants(一群大象);

    a pack / throng of wolves(一群狼);

    a batch of dogs(一群狗);  

    a brood of chicks(一群小雞);

    a hive of bees(一群蜜蜂);

    a host of monkeys(一群猴子);  

    a school of fish(一群魚);

    a swarm of locusts(一群蝗蟲);   

    a team / field of horses(一群馬);

    a gang of elks(一群駝鹿)

    a head of garlic(一頭蒜);

    a drop of water(一滴水);

    a flood of moonlight(一片月光);

    a wisp of smoke(一縷煙);

    a pane of glass(一塊玻璃);

    a layer of rock(一層巖石);

    a cloud of smoke(一團煙霧);

    a beam of light(一束光線);

    a blade of grass(一片草葉);

    a block of wood(一塊木頭);

    a cube of sugar(一塊方糖);

    a roll of newspaper(一卷報紙);

    a cone of icecream(一個蛋卷冰淇淋);

    a bar of chocolate(一塊巧克力);

    a stack of hay(一堆乾草);

    a loaf of bread(一個面包);

    a grain of rice(一粒米);

    a cake of soap(一塊肥皂);  

    a dash of salt(一撮鹽);

    a coil of wire(一卷電線);

    a ball of wool(一個毛線球)。

    a glimmer of hope(一線希望);

    a burst of laughter(一陣笑聲);

    a gust of wind(一股風);

    a web of railroad(鐵路網),

    a train of thoughts(一連串的想法)等等。

    a thin coat of ice(一層薄冰),

    a stagnant pool of water(一潭死水),

    a beautiful stretch of field(一片美麗的原野)等等。 (這網址還有很多資料)

  • 1 十年前

    a pair of shoes - 一雙鞋子

    a pair of jeans - 一條牛仔褲

    a piece of paper - 一張紙

    a cup of coffee - 一杯咖啡

    a bottle of beer - 一樽啤酒

    a can of coke - 一罐可樂;

    a packet of chocolate - 一排朱古力

    a pack of soap - 一份番梘;

    a bowl of soup - 一碗湯

    a box of tissue - 一盒紙巾

    a roll of toilet paper - 一卷廁紙

    a dozen of eggs - 一打蛋

    a pile of bricks - 一堆磚頭

    a pack of instant noodle - 一包即食麵

    a pair of socks - 一雙襪

    a pair of chopsticks - 一雙筷子

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