Why was Kai Tak build?



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  • 1 十年前

    啟德機場1925 - 98






    一九三Ο年,當局聘用了首名機埸監督,而啟德的航空活動則由當時的海港署(Harbour Department 譯名)管轄。

    一九三五年,首座指揮塔和飛機庫落成。一九三六年三月二十四日,由皇室航空公司(Imperial Airways 譯名)經營的首班商業客運航班從檳城飛抵本港,標誌著啟德機場已進入開始提供公共運輸服務的新紀元。

    隨後數年,泛美航空公司開始提供往來香港與三藩市的泛美飛船/航服務。其後,各家航空公司相繼提供其他航空服務︰從印度支那半島飛抵的法國航空公司航班﹔從廣州及上海飛抵的中國航空公司航班﹔以及往來香港與北京的歐亞航空公司(Eurasia Aviation Corporation 譯名)航班。

    Kai Tak is named after two businessmen, Sir Ho Kai and Mr. Au Tak, who were involved in a company formed to reclaim land in Kowloon Bay for a residential housing scheme. The Company, unfortunately, failed and the reclaimed land was left vacant. The suitability of using this land as an airfield was recognized and the first recorded flight from Kai Tak took place on Lunar New Year's Day in 1925.

    The History

    The aviation began on this unique piece of land with a flying school and a British military flying unit.

    In 1928, a concrete slipway was built for seaplanes using Kowloon Bay.

    In 1930, the first aerodrome superintendent was appointed with the aviation activities at Kai Tak coming under the administration of the Harbour Department.

    In 1935, the first control tower and a hangar were built. The first commercial passengers flight 'Dorado' landed on 24 March 1936 from Penang operated by the Imperial Airways. With this arrival a new era began for Kai Tak as an airport for public transportation.

    In the following years, Pan American World Airways began its Clipper flying boat service between Hong Kong and San Francisco. Other air services followed with Air France flights from Indochina, China National Aviation Corporation from Guangzhou and Shanghai and Eurasia Aviation Corporation operating between Hong Kong and Beijing.