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    - Attendance: Both partners must be present when filing application and issuing license.

    - Photo I.D.: A picture i.d. card is required from each partner, i.e. passport, drivers license, naturalization form, resident alien cards, military i.d.

    - Validity: License is valid for 90 days from date of issuance and is valid anywhere in the state of California.

    - License fee: $69 - cash, pre-printed California check or money order written out to San Francisco County Clerk only (price subject to change)

    - Wedding ceremony (by the judge): By appointment only. You must purchase your marriage license before an appointment can be granted. Ceremonies are at 10 am, and from 12 noon through 3 pm. Call 415-252-3282. There is a 24-hour notice required to reschedule.

    - Ceremony fee (by the judge): $30 - cash, pre-printed California check or money order written out to San Francisco County Clerk only (price subject to change)

    - Witnesses: One witness is required during your ceremony

    1.) Getting married by the judge is very simple. You have to obtain the marriage license and then have a ceremony. It depends on how the judge perform the ceremony, some may read the vow and ask you to answer YES, some may read the vow and ask you to repeat after him/her. Then you will be asked to exchange wedding rings. At last, you two and the witness will sign the marrige license, then the judge will sign it also. You should require certified copies of the marriage license because you will need them to apply for green card.

    2.) Once you are legally married and your husband can submit a I-130 petition and you can apply for Employment Authorization Card (EAD). You can work after you receive your EAD. Meanwhile, you can stay in the US legally. However, if you plan to stay in the US after marriage, it is NOT a good idea to get married right after you enter the US if you come here with a travel visa. The immigration officer may deny your Change of Status application later on because you had the intention to emmigrate and travel visa is a non-immigration visa.

    3.) Yes, your husband has to submit I-130 petition for you and you have to submit I-485 application if you want to stay in the US before getting the green card. It usually takes less than 2 years to get the conditional green card and you can apply for citizenship 3 years after your green card is issued. Then it will take about a year before your citizenship exam. I would say it will take about 4-5 years until you can become a US citizen.

    4.) Yes, if you go back to Hong Kong after getting married. Your husband should submit I-129 (K-3) and I-130. Then if the green card is issued 2 years after your marriage, you will get a permanent one.

    5.) Yes and no. You don't have to be in the US to wait for your green card if you go back to Hong Kong after marriage. You can simply wait for the I-129 and I-130 approval in HK. But the length of how long you are physically in US will affect when you are eligible to apply for citizenship.

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