What is the duty of General Clerk of Big company? Detail pls

As need interview the Clerk of 恆基 later , thanks a lot!!

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  • 1 十年前

    As 恆基 is a big company, the duties of clerks varies from department to department.

    Thus, the general duties of clerks are laid down as follows:-


    Data entry


    Policy binding

    Documents scanning (Imaging)

    Administration support for customer database

    Other clerical support and ad hoc duties as assigned by superior

    Office administration and maintenance support

    Provides administrative and clerical support functions

    Emails & documents handling

    Office documents and facilities preparation

    Ordering of office items

    (Optional) Responsibilities (depends on depertments):

    Customer services support, Transportation arrangement, Documentation and answering phone calls

    Other administrative support duties related to the godown office.

    Responsible for providing clerical and administration support at a construction site office.

    (Optional) Job Duties in marketing department:

    Assist in the implementation and execution of marketing campaigns

    Provide general clerical and administrative support to the department

    Handle marketing data consolidation and prepare various sales and marketing reports

    (Optional) Job Duties in purchase department:

    Ordering in ERP

    Outdoor sourcing

    Warehouse keeping tasks, such as receivng and packing materials

    Provide clerical support to Purchasing Department, such as Data Enty