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group discussion & presentation 應該注意

英文考試的group discussion & presentation 應該注意甚麼?


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    1)Organization...use cohesive markers and topic sentence and also umbrella sentence

    Since markers are often sleepy when they assess your performance...if they can follow your presentation easily...grades are higher.

    2) Eye contact and posture...Be confidence

    3) Speak slowly to ensure fluency

    4) DUN follow the organization of the passage

    5) Attractive opening and strong and coherent ending

    group discussion

    remember this is a group DISCUSSION but not presentation. so the most crucial thing is to ensure connection between you and the other candidates. You should reply to others' idea and ask for their opinion in the discussion

    Don't be aggressive.

    Do encourage weaker candidates to speak. If possible, assist their speech and this action can greatly improve your final grade

    Don't interrupt anyone unless they have spoken for 1 min or more and just keep repeating the same point

    Do check whether your groupmates are still on the topic. Offtracting will led to a severe mark penalty.

    Be confidence and look at the others.

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