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725天與時並進:DRUG PROBLEM 標題怎譯?及聞中問字解?

Hong Hong was once 以前 a transhipment 轉運 point 點 for illegal drugs 不合法的毒品, but now it looks like it’s become the final destination 目的地. That’s according to Police Commissioner 警務署長 Dick Lee 李明逵 today.


He said drug supplies 供應 used to 過往習慣 pass through Hong Kong to be distributed 分銷 in other countries, but syndicates (syndicates 怎解?) from Africa, Europe and the mainland are now trying to use Hong Kong as a prime 主要 location 所在地 to sell their products 製品.

更新 2:

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更新 3:

ketamine 什麼毒品?不要食呀!

ecstasy 什麼毒品?不要食呀!

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    Katemine = K仔

    Ecstasy= 忘我

    Synidicate= 組成企業聯盟

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