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  • 1 十年前

    是 DEM FRANCHIZE BOYZ 的 Lean Wit It, Rock Wit It



    Lean wit it, rock wit it!

    Lean wit it, rock wit it,

    Lean wit it, rock wit it,

    Lean wit it, rock wit it,

    Lean wit it, rock wit it,

    Lean wit it, rock wit it,

    Lean wit it, rock wit it,

    Lean wit it, rock wit it!

    [Verse 1]

    I bounce in the club so the ho's call me Rocky,

    Posted in the cut, and I'm lookin for a blockhead,

    Yup in my white tee! I break a bitch back,

    And I keep a big bank, oh I think dey like dat!

    Before I leave the house, i'm slizzard on a goose,

    And i'm higher then a plane, so a nigga really loose,

    And I can lean wit it, and I can rock wit it,

    And if u gotta friend, she gotta suck a cock wit it!

    [Verse 2]

    Ay gon n rock wit it, gon n lean wit it,

    Rock so damn hard, u break your spleen wit it,

    Pull up ya jeans wit it, smoke some green wit it,

    N da spot aint crunk? bitch if we ain't in it?

    If u dont wanna do it, then i'll make ya dance,

    Perfect example watch me make your face beat up my hands,

    When you see me hit the spot, betta watch dat boy,

    Chalay, from the road and Dem Franchize Boyz!


    [Verse 3]

    Ain't too clean to wanna pop lock from left to right and make a lean,

    Bobbin to da beat, check my feet, he ain't got these!

    I rock them, bend my knees everytime the beat drop lean wit it, rock wit it, freeze before yo fingers pop

    Purple lean, purple, green, grams in my socks

    What the ***** you mean u ain't seen Buddie on tha block?!

    They call me Doctor Doc, I prescribe what a nigga need

    Make 'em lean and rock, old school people pat ya feet

    [Verse 4]

    Young Pimpin in tha club, see dem hoes tryna act up

    Cause the see my chain and a nigga throwin dem stacks up

    I keep a full clip and my pistol in my pants, I'm in da middle of da flo, they screamin "nigga do yo dance"

    Now you can roll yo arms, and just put 'em in rotation

    From side to side and snap yo fingaz like dem Temptaions

    Boy I'm all outta state doin the dance, they never seen that

    I ain't Fat Joe, but snap ya fingaz then ya lean back


    [Verse 5]

    Rock left den snap ya fingers, rock right den snap ya fingers,

    Ayyy wats hannenin? lean wit me, rock wit me,

    Gotta pill pop wit me, gon take a shot wit me,

    Call me Teddy, I got grams don't hate, nigga shop wit me,

    DME, SO SO DEF yeah we known bitch!

    Franchize aint got no money? shiiit hold on hold on bitch! Ayy

    Rock left rock right you cna get that shit!

    Lean Back Like Fat Joe and Snap yo wrist back

    [Verse 6]

    Gangstas dont dance they lean wit it rock wit it

    Clock wit me pop quickly ganstas gon rock wit me 1,2 pop then bring it

    Cross the chest get nasty flash it go'on flex wit it do it how you want slow it up do

    The matrix play wit it straight hit it get all they face wit it

    This dance is 4 da killas da dillas da cut throats

    You already kno the chillin the grow folk!