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Cheap Air Ticket from UK

Where can I find cheapest air ticket from UK to Hong Kong? I want to return Hong Kong in the coming July of 2007.

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  • Walter
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    1 十年 前

    You can try a few of these Chinese travel agency, as they do provide some relatively cheap tickets for flights to Hong Kong...

    Far East Travel: 08450702188 (London), 08450702183 (Manchester)

    Sagitta Travel: 08700778888

    Wing Yip Travel: 01216221222

    For Far East Travel/Wing Yip Travel, they usually sell in-direct flights and mainly on Lufthansa/KLM/Swiss Air Lines/Emirates/Qatar Airways etc... However, they are able to sell Oasis Hong Kong ticket as well as a bargin price...

    For Sagitta Travel, they mainly sell direct flights tickets on British Airways/Cathay Pacific/Virgin Atlantic/Air New Zealand/Qantas... But they will usually be more expensive as the time you are planning to travel is during peak season...

    You can also look at some of these following websites which provide some discount ticket as well... But again they are mostly in-direct flights...

    I would advice you to call those travel agency and those website to see which of them provide the most bargine price as promotion vary and could be difference between travel agency and airlines...

    But since you will be travelling during peak season, the price would vary by quite a lot... And during the last few holiday, I have been using in-direct flights with experience on Lufthansa/Qatar Airways mainly, but their price are only around GBP350~400 when non-stop flights could be as high as GBP600~700 when I called for quotation from Sagitta Travel...

    And recently, I have found that sometimes airlines website do provide some bargine ticket as well which travel agency... But these are mainly Virgin Atlantic and Air New Zealand so you can go and have a look at their price as well at or and sometimes you maybe able to find some good bargine...

    2006-12-23 20:05:25 補充:

    Or of course you can try Oasis Hong Kong but now when I check for their ticket on July-2007, the cheapest are already HKD3304 include tax 1 way...

    2006-12-23 20:05:46 補充:

    So when you add the return trip, it could just be the same as traditional airlines in-direct flight with Qatar Airways or sometimes Virgin Atlantic/Air New Zealand could be just at a similar price as well...

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  • 1 十年 前

    Oasis Hong Kong

    $1000 from UK (Gatwick) to Hong Kong

    you should book your ticket now, becasue this is a limited offer.

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