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esme 發問於 汽車及交通飛機 · 1 十年前

自己一個 同bb 坐飛機.....

BB 出世後 2個月, 我就會同佢番澳洲.

但係到時 只係得我一個人同個bb....

BB daddy 應該請不了假來陪伴我們..

1) 到時會好麻煩嗎..我又要照顧個B 又要搞行李 (到時一定好多BB的行李)

2) 航空公司 有保母for 單獨小童...唔知我可唔可以要求 特別服務呢? 俾錢都ok

3) 有冇人試過呀.....我唔怕坐機段時間..我係怕過海關 搞行李個d 好麻煩...

4) 想知航空公司可以有專人 係香港入閘後就幫我打點一下直到上機, 之後落機後再 (幫+陪) 我到澳洲海關前...等我自己過關嗎??




我係 坐 CX,....可否拎BB車 上機....交俾佢地收係空姐衣櫃., 之後落機後即時取回

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  • Walter
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    Yes... You can ask the airlines for 'meet and assist' services which is free of charge... And this services will mean there will be somebody to meet you at check-in then to assist you through immgration/custom and to the aircraft... Then at the end of the flight, there will then be somebody to meet you at the aircraft side to help you through immgration/custom and collect luggages...

    However, I would suggest you to call the airlines at least a few days in advance to tell them your situation and they will put your request on the compary system when the check-in staff will find the staff for you... At the same time, as you call the airlines, they will also block the front row seat for you where baby bassinet is avaliable so you can put your little baby on it during the flight...

    But sorry to say that baby chair will need to be placed in the cargo hold... However, the crew will take the baby chair from you when you get to the aircraft and return to you on the aircraft side as it arrive at your destination... This is because its safer to put on cargo hold... But dont worry, there will be people to get it for you from the cargo hold once the aircraft arrive...

    Hope this will help you... But I think its best for you to contact the relevant airlines for further information as airlines may have different policy towards this kind of situation... But in most case, it would be like what I said...

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  • 1 十年前

    唔好太多件行李, 最好一個大行李箱(寄艙), 一個袋(放晒bb用品+銀包手袋拎上機)

    冇保母for mother with infant ~

    同航空公司申請 need an assist, 會有人幫你拎行理,送你上機. bb車臨上機之前會放落cargo hold, 一到目的地就有ramp staff幫你拎返出黎, 0係飛機門口比返你, 仲有ground staff 會黎接你tim. 不過通常要遲d落機, 因為拎bb車要時間, 同埋要搵個gound staff 0黎幫你.

    起飛之後cabin crew 會比個baby bassinet你. During the flight 要行開0下去toilet都可以叫d crew 幫你睇0下bb, 但係一定唔可以幫你抱住. 放心啦, cabin crew都會特別照顧mother with infant!

    之前果位Walter Chan已經講得好好, 我只係加把口 :p

    Nice flight

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