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#奔馳的木馬 讓你忘了傷


 看著他們的羨慕眼光 不需放我在心上

 旋轉的木馬 沒有翅膀


 音樂停下來你將離場 我也只能這樣

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  • 1 十年 前

    Own gorgeous appearance with the bright light

    I am a carrousel body in this heaven

    Only for satisfying the kid's dream

    Climb to me to carry on the back up bring you to go to hover

    *I forgot and only can rush at first of that sadness

    My also forgetting an oneself is locked up forever

    Ignoring me can accompany you have much long

    Can let you fantasize to fly with me at least

    #The wood horse sped lets you forget wound

    Heaven laughed heartily in this supply

    See them envy taste and don't need to put me in the mind

    The rotary wood horse has no wing

    But can bring you to fly everywhere

    Music's coming to a stop you will leave a field me and also only can be so

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  • 1 十年 前

    Even I climb shouldering going to take you ..decrease..) and to turn

    only so that the body of the rotating vaulting horse may fill the

    child's dream in this heaven ..me who has a brilliantly beautiful in

    front of magnificent lighting.. ..(...

    *I can have flying about of no relations to the accompaniment of me who

    forgets I who forgets that anxiety that cannot be done this year where

    it runs in the (former) place and sadness also get myself locked

    through all eternity of you, can do, and there is how it longs to you

    at least with me imagined.

    #Vaulting horse..wound..forget..have..this..please..supply..heaven..


    Music that can be flown about here and there by rotating vaulting

    horse wing's there and taking you

    I away from ....peel.. To.. Ba of you cannot also do this year done

    like this.


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  • 1 十年 前

    Has the magnificent semblance and the brilliant light

    I am the merry-go-round body in this heaven

    Only in order to satisfy child's dream

    Crawls carries on the back to me leads you to hover

    * I forgot only to be able in-situ to run that am sad

    I also have forgotten own am am forever locked

    No matter I can accompany you to have long

    At least can let you fantasize soars with me

    # Runs quickly the wooden horse let you forget the wound

    Heaven laughs heartily which in this supply

    Looks they envy the judgement not to have to put me on theheart

    Revolves the wooden horse does not have the wing

    But actually can lead you everywhere to soar

    The music stops you to be going to leave the field I also only to be able like this.

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