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Business studies(management)

How will the nature of each management function differ between companies that operate in a fat-changing environment and those that operate in a stable environment.

HKAL 04.1

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    To answer this question, a changing environment is the main focus that what management functions should be coped with.

    The forces of macro environment (PEST+Global forces & Demographic forces) and competitive environment (Porter's 5 forces) would have been mutually influent and interactive that are driving to an ever changing environment of market and industry have been seen there was fiercely changing and competitive after the born of world wide wed, the stress of free trade by WTO 1994 and advocating an economic globalization in the early 90's.

    The use of internet makes information and knowledge explosion that has speeded up the development technology, money & information flow, goods conveyance, and travel and communication.

    Suppliers, customers, competitors are being well informed by lots of messages in the internet era as there is likely no secret at all in the world market that what is new, who made it, who sold the cheap, what the quality level or product safety, how to get it, when to get it and any substitute is available in every minute? In general people including you, customer, rivals and suppliers are very knowledgeable. For example, seeing the recent case, Nintendo’s Wii game console has a head-on competition for the world video game market with Sony’s PS-4 before the Thanksgiving time this year.

    The management functions of an organization or company if it wants to outperform its rivals that it must deliver super values to customers and exceed their expectations prior to rivals can do.

    A value in the eye of customers = benefits/costs

    Where benefits include functional + emotional factors; and costs include the factors of monetary + time + energy + psychic

    The superior values may include the benefit of superior innovation, superior quality, superior speed and superior cost competitiveness

    How these goals are attainable?

    The organization or company or people can not be standing alone in fighting and to attain the goals without any aids. They have to join together for knowledge management (KM) and work collaboration across boundaries or boundary less organization

    In general, management functions must include planning function for best delivering strategic values as the four; organizing function for building a dynamic organization like micro organism (mutually adjustable its status according to any environmental forces changed); leading function is to mobilizing people resulted in peak performers; and control function with continuously learning and changing organizational culture as well as TQM

    2006-12-21 13:21:33 補充:

    The essence in your assignment that you should demonstrate proper management function in order to attain the four values!

    2006-12-21 14:32:17 補充:

    however values may be shifted, evolved, and faded over the time due to continuously new & high expectation of customers, or emerging disruptive technology from rivals that continuously adjusting and improving management functions are required

    資料來源: Own article with ref to Strategic MM by Gilligan, & MM by P.Kotler,& Mgt by Bateman,Snell
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