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我今年o係poly讀緊酒店year 2 degree





如果真係唔轉科...我又想做airline多過酒店...但係我o個科又冇讀airline d 野...

我想問下有冇人o係airline做緊or 知道airline有咩post可以做?

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    Idont think you can change major now, so

    國泰的 “見習行政人員培訓計劃“ is really suitable for you!


    Preparing You to Become Tomorrow

    Our aim is to groom leaders with all-round general management skills. To achieve this, we have created a three-year programme providing the latest management skills and aviation thinking.

    The Fledgling Period

    During the first three months, you will undergo an intensive induction programme covering the principles of management and general airline exposure. This will include:

    * Classes in finance, airline operations and information management

    * Management workshops in leadership, teamwork and managing change

    * Familiarization visits to all areas of our Swire Group operations

    * Experience sharing with managers and staff

    * Briefings from senior management on business strategy

    * Computerised airline business simulation model

    * Group projects

    To gain exposure in airline operations, you will be posted to our Airports Department for 8 weeks to serve our customers at the Hong Kong International Airport. This is an excellent opportunity for you to learn more about customer relations and broaden your understanding of our business.

    Go Stretch Your Wings

    Following the induction, you will embark on a three-year development programme. You will be assigned to each of the following areas for one year, usually as an Assistant to the General Manager:

    1. Line function, eg Marketing, Inflight Services, Airline Planning, Revenue Management

    2. Support function, eg Information Management, Personnel, Financial Services

    3. Outport posting, ie a posting to an overseas office as the Assistant to the Country Manager

    Through exposure to different facets of our business – in and out of Hong Kong, you will gain a better understanding of our key operations. These will prove indispensable as you advance towards more senior positions.

    2006-12-19 17:15:13 補充:

    職業前景Be a Key PlayerOnce you have satisfactorily completed the Management Trainee Programme, you will become part of our General Management List - a core group of high fliers in our company - where your professional development will continue to grow.

    2006-12-19 17:15:47 補充:

    Throughout your career on the General Management List, you will be rotated to different departments in Head Office and different countries respectively. Opportunities are also available to work across different industries within the Swire Group.

    2006-12-19 17:17:10 補充:

    As your business vision widens and your experience broadens, you could soon become a Country Manager, overseeing all of our airline operations in a particular country,

    2006-12-19 17:17:44 補充:

    or advance to become a Department Head, managing hundreds of staff in Hong Kong. What we offer is a structured career path with clear career progression.I

    2006-12-19 17:18:27 補充:

    in the long run, you will enjoy excellent career prospects and go as far as your abilities will take you. A typical career path might be:Management trainee Assistant manger port/middle manager senior manager General manager director

    2006-12-19 17:19:12 補充:

    入職要求RequirementsTo become the most admired airline, we naturally want the best people. You should be ready for challenge and be geographically mobile. You should have good business sense and possess a variety of business interests.

    2006-12-19 17:19:50 補充:

    You must have polished interpersonal and analytical skills. You should be creative, flexible, resilient, and be able to think laterally. You should be a leader who can make things happen, who is not afraid of taking the initiative.

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    for information go to:

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  • 1 十年前

    Actually, I think you should finish you degree first. Then you can look for the job you like. Moreover, I think Hotel Management is ok, especially in Macau. There are many hotels in HK and Macau.

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