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關於exchange既問題---保險& visa


2)我去gamerny﹐要整study visa,要準備咩文件去?


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    你要去多久? 如不足90天,那麼用特區護照便可以免簽証入境。而一般的旅遊保險可長達60-90日的旅程。(但你買1年期muti-trip要平D,但要問清楚每一個TRIP最長的可長達多少天。)


    the originals as well as 2 photocopies of the following documents (items 2-8) must be provided :

    1. Two completed application forms and 3 recent passport photographs that can support biometric checks

    2. Passport or travel document, valid for at least 6 months

    3. Letter of admission from a German university, Confirmation of language class registration

    4. Certificates of school examinations qualifying you to study at a university (or equivalent) in Germany

    5. Certificates of university examinations, Student Identification Card etc. (if applicable)

    6. Certificates showing your level of ability in German or confirmation that you have registered for an intensive German language course in Germany (at least 20 hours a week). Please note that proof of German language proficiency is required if course language (even partly) is German

    7. Financial proof for your entire period of studies in Germany, such as your scholarship award, a recent bank book, a recent bank statement or fixed deposit statement, financial guarantee from parents, supported by appropriate proof or an official sponsorship letter "Verpflichtungserklärung" (please reckon expenses of € 585 per month)

    8. Employer's leave letter (if applicable)

    9. Proof of health insurance

    10. Minor applicants must present their birth certificates and have the written consent of their parents/legal guardians.

    All documents must be presented in English or German. Further documents may be requested in individual cases.

    Typically, Student Visas shall be processed in 4 to 6 weeks.

    另外,保險方面,一般旅遊保險並不能有這麼長的保障期。(旅遊保險的目的的旅行,並非長住。) 你需要找保險公司獨立報價。詳情可向有「一般保險」牌照的保險中介人查詢。