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ken 發問於 汽車及交通飛機 · 1 十年前





1 個解答

  • Walter
    Lv 7
    1 十年前

    Previously, Terminal 2 was expected to open on 23, December... But due to tecnique problems, its open date is now being push back to early-January, 2007...

    On the date it open, check-in desk and shops will also open for the use of passengers... However, the new terminal 2 is expected to open in phase which means that only half of the check-in desk will be open by then and also part of the shops...

    So far, there is still no confirmation from Hong Kong Airport Authority of the confirm date yet (but rumour have suggested January, 2007)... But annoucement are expected to be made before the end of 2006 on the new open date of Terminal 2 and related information (eg. airlines moving and how many shops and facilities will be openned at the time)...