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哈利波特(Harry potter )

延續第三集《阿茲卡班的逃犯》故事,主角丹尼爾域基夫飾演的哈利波特,被神秘挑選參與著名的「巫師大賽」,他將要面對來自霍格華茲及兩大歐陸巫師學校的高材生挑戰。與此同時,邪惡的佛地魔終於現身,他的支持者於魁地奇大賽中發出Dark Mark訊號,預示了佛地魔黑暗力量將再次重臨,令魔法世界陷於一片惶恐之中。哈利波特既要面對這邪惡力量的挑戰,同時踏入青春期的他,還開始要為約會異性而煩惱。


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    Follow by the third series - "The Prisoner of Azkaban", the Harry Potter (played by Daniel Rachliff) was chosen to join the famous Triwizard Tourment mysteriously. He was facing the outstanding students from Hogwarts and two other wizard school in Europe.

    At the same time, the Dark Voldemort appeared.His followers have created the Dark Mark during the Quidditch world Cup giving evidence that the Dark Lord is ready to rise again and made the Wizarding World were terrified. Harry needed to duel with the dark power, and the other hand, being adolescent, he needed to worried about dating with grils too!

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