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Mouse Problem

My optical mouse is ok for USB & PS-2(6 months old).Yesterday, the PC couldn't detect my mouse through PS-2.I used USB and the PC detected the mouse.Today, when I'm using the mouse, the pointer suddenly stops and my mouse has no light given out.My computer said "the USB device stops working".Then, I change the connection of the mouse to other USB plug. It is ok now.

What's wrong?

Please explain clearly!!!


我的USB光学滑鼠是不错的聚苯乙烯及二型(6月龄). 昨天, 筹委会通过鼠标我无法侦测聚苯乙烯-本人谨此用来USB和筹委会的mouse.today发现, 当我用鼠标, 和我的鼠标指针突然停住无光电脑给out.my说:"USB设备不工作". 然后 我改变连接到其他的USB鼠标堵塞. 这是好现.


更新 2:

I mean when I changed the plug(of USB drive), the mouse works again.

Before that the mouse suddenly stop function.

So what's wrong with the mouse(or the plug)???

that is the main concern.

更新 3:

My PS-2 plag is always working(I used a PS-2 mouse before that and the addition of USB is just for flexibility.

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    1 十年前

    Initially it seems the PS/2 port of your computer has something wrong. But to further certify this I suggest you to get another ps/2 mouse and plug into it to test the working condition of your ps/2 port.

    Same idea, you could as well plug your mouse into another computer to see if it is the mouse's problem.

    Anyway, if you can use your mouse in USB port, then why not stay in USB? except only when you are running of USB ports.

    2006-12-15 21:51:42 補充:

    Oh, I'm sorry, I've overlooked the last part of your problem.Upon re-analyze your situation. I strongly suggest that you plug the mouse to other computer to test for its healthiness. .

    2006-12-15 21:51:58 補充:

    I'm sorry for I can't answer you why it behaves this way.But if it continue to temper erratically, I would rather got a new one or else I will go nut like him