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Arrive by 的意思

如果有人問我份文件是否'Arrive by'某個日期,請問是指在這個日期到達,還是指這個日期或之前到達.多謝幫手.

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  • 1 十年前

    ANS.: 個人意見 Arrive by 15-12-2006 是 15/12 當日 或 之前到達 。

    因為常用的 Arrive at / arrive in 是用於 特定一天 / 一刻到達的 意思。

    ar·rive (ə-rīv') Pronunciation Key

    intr.v. ar·rived, ar·riv·ing, ar·rives

    To reach a destination.

    To come at length; take place: The day of reckoning has arrived.

    To achieve success or recognition: He had finally arrived as a designer.

    Phrasal Verb(s):

    arrive at

    To reach through effort or a process: arrive at a decision after much thought.

    [Middle English ariven, from Old French ariver, from Vulgar Latin *arrīpāre, to reach the shore : Latin ad-, ad- + Latin rīpa, shore.]

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    1 十年前

    by (a certain date) 是指在最遲在(某日)

    Your package will arrive by December 15 -- 你的包裹會在12月15日或之前抵達

    Please mail your application by December 15 -- 請在12月15日或之前寄出你的申請表

    by 也可用於年份,月份,星期或時間:

    by 2007

    by December

    by Monday

    by 4pm

    You should know your results by the end of the week.


    If you plan to attend the ceremony, please respond by Thursday, December 14.

    如若你打算赴宴,請在12月14 日(星期四)或之前作出通知。


    arrive by December 15 也可以寫成為 arrive on or before December 15