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F.3 GEOG!!!!急...

1.State THREE measures to minimize the negative effects of the development of rainforests.

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2.State THREE methods that an individual can take to help protect the rainforest areas.

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    1.) New methods of Farming are being developed to farm more food crops on less farm land, such as high-yield hybrid crops and greenhouse.

    Effective forest management is needed, especially in the developing countries. With the help with the local government, logging is needed to under control so as to prevent overlogging.

    Afforestation is encouraged to carry out. Trees are planted after logging so the effect of soil erosion is limited. Selective logging which is also another suitable method.

    2.) Use less paper so as to reduce the use of wood for paper-making. Use less woodern furnitures so as to reduce the demand for furniture making. Tell what you know about the situation of the rainforest areas in order to increase the awareness of the public.

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