Brand loyalty and customer loyalty

Brand loyalty 同customer loyalty有咩分別??..請詳細回答~thx a lots~~~

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    Brand loyalty and customer loyalty is the same thing indeed when referring many text books of marketing.

    If you really want what the differences they are, I try to explain it as follow

    Brand loyalty might refer to different brand choices of same product category that customers like or dislike. For example, a handbag of Gucci heads on directly LV; While customer loyalty would not be only limited to brand choices, but different product categories however they are having the same function for customer options. For example, a hungry customer whether would like to take instant noodle at Seven Eleven or take a meal at Maxim restaurant.

    Brand Loyalty subgroup is identified from the behavioral segment of a mass group of customers, the other subgroups are Occasion group, Benefit group, User Status group and Usage Rate group.

    Customers have varying degrees of loyalty to specific brands, stores, and other entities. They can be divided into four groups according to brand loyalty status:

    (1)Hard-core loyals: Consumers who buy one brand all the time XXXXXX only X-brand

    (2)Soft-core loyals: Consumers who are loyal to two brands(or three) XXYXYY only between X-brand and Y-brand

    (3)Shifting loyals: Consumers who shift from one brand to another XXYYZZ rotation around several brands

    (4)Switchers: Consumers who show no loyalty to any brand XYZABCDE buying pattern is determined what special offer is available

    資料來源: Adapted fm Strategic MM by Wilson & Gillian; MM by P.Kotler
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    Briefly, brand loyalty is core competence of the product its own and often exists in large firms.

    Customer loyalty is mainly built on service in tandem with public relationship; and exists both in big company and SME.